WIDD work with the world’s best designers, architects, artisans and technicians to elevate your brand signage to the next level.



WIDD have a long and enviable history of delivering leading edge design and signage solutions for world-class retailers.



WIDD are driven by design. Our specialist design team are expert in helping clients create highly successful signage strategies for all applications.


From stadium sized graphics to highly detailed LED solutions, WIDD deliver class leading products for the sports and leisure industries. 

From micro-millimetre accurate laser printing to record breaking sign making. WIDD set new industry standards as part of the every day. 


Founded in 1888, WIDD is accredited as being the original signage company. The same founding values that made WIDD an instant success in the 18th Century run through the business today. Innovation, design, excellence and honesty.



Proud design and signage partner to Primark.

WIDD are firmly established as Primark's global signage consultants. Working with Primark across every aspect of their signage estate, WIDD are trusted advisors to this retail success story. With stores opening the world over, WIDD ensure the Primark brand is faithfully implemented to the highest quality standards,
on time, no matter where this may be in the world.