A collection inspiration and exciting
creations from the Widd workshop.

The Widd Fleet

We're applying a new livery to the expanding fleet at the moment, keep a look out for our fitting teams!

Yorkshire Three Peaks

Well done to the Widd team this weekend for walking the Three Peaks in Yorkshire! A loop totaling 24 miles, special congratulations to Andy who completed the hike in 8 hours and 35 minutes!

An intense year for Tapi

Our Tapi portfolio is still growing! We've recently just completed our latest Tapi in Redhill, Surrey. As you can see we’ve been working fairly intensely this year to build and install more stores far and wide. Our location in Leeds is ideal for such a wide spread project like this.

Coming Soon!

One of our latest projects in London shall be opening soon! We recently showed some test pieces from the workshop, which are now being installed ready for the grand opening this month. We also applied the below window design, while we make the last preparations inside. Note the schuh logo breaks out of the facia which is unique to schuh, and stands out very well.

A fresh new look for the Premiership Football Club - BFC

We've been very busy here at Widd recently with one of our latest projects - Burnley Football Club. It's been a pleasure to work on the project, BFC are as passionate about football as we are in creating brand signs! Most installations are finished in a beautiful unique metallic paint, which we've done numerous tests to create the perfect finish! There is much more being created in our workshop as we speak, so watch this space...


Here are some progress shots for our latest schuh project, the interesting illumination is provided by low power LED's and a unique letter construction.

A final LED test by Andy, before we wrap for shipping.

A final LED test by Andy, before we wrap for shipping.

Where There's A Widd. There's A Way

Working with large brands is our forte, recently Levi’s approached us with an exciting project. We crafted them new signage to the outside of an existing glass shop front, and put our heads together to produce a solution that’s going to be a real head turner.


It's Christmas!

It's our Christmas jumper day - which means of course a team photo! and there's got to be competition in it somewhere! So who is best dressed this year?

New Lightbox Technology

There's been a very welcomed edition to the studio this week, we've been reviewing some new lightboxes in the design studio. From LED 'animation' to magnetic shelves, it's interesting to see how the retail environment is evolving.

LED animated lightbox

LED animated lightbox

The Widd Wall

Nothing ordinary to see here - there’s big things happening in our workshop at the moment. This was one of our latest ideas, the logo certainly has impact now! It’s one thing to have a brain wave of something a little different but to actually design and build it is another.